Weddle SNOREThe huge boulders that make Ridgecrest picturesque also serve as a reminder for all drivers of the brutal rocky terrain they are up against. April 7-8 marked the second race of the 2017 SNORE season. The SNORE Motion Tire 300 consists of four 66-mile laps through the high desert a few hours west of Las Vegas.

Despite the rocky conditions and high attrition, Weddle-equipped teams had a banner day, winning 5 classes including the top spot in Class 1 Unlimited.

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Even more impressive, Albins AGB-equipped Class 1 cars swept the podium and took four out of the top five spots. 152 Joseph David took the first place with 150 John Bartol finishing close behind. 176 Pat Dean finished 3rd to round out the AGB-dominated Class 1 podium sweep. 127 Mark Hutchins finished 5th. All four cars are equipped with the heavy duty, sequential shifting Albins AGB transaxle and Albins torque converter.

Weddle SNOREThere was more great news in Class 10. Corey Goin in AGB-equipped car 1036 battled his way through the rocky course to take the top spot.

As the laps went on during the day, the course continued to get more and more brutal. Despite the carnage, the hard earned wins continued. 1601 Kenny Freeman took first in Class 1600, 900 Tyler Peterson continued his roll winning Class 9, and mighty 1100 Robert Johnson took the top spot in Class 11.

Just surviving the course at Ridgecrest is a feat in itself. A huge congrats to all the racers making it to the finish line.

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1. 152 Joseph David— Albins AGB sequential/ torque converter
2.  150 John Bartol— Albins AGB sequential/ torque converter
3.  176 Pat Dean— Albins AGB sequential/ torque converter
5.  127 Mark Hutchins— Albins AGB sequential/ torque converter

Class 10
1. 1036 Corey Goin— Albins AGB 10 6-speed

Class 1/2-1600
1. 1601 Kenny Freeman

Class 9
1. 900 Tyler Peterson

Class 11
1. 1100 Robert Johnson